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Shorties to Match!

Our new golf dresses come with shorties to match!


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  1. I just received my dress, which I ordered online, I was a little nervous about how it would fit, I’m 5’5″ and wear a XXL, plus my spine is crooked so every skirt or pants I put on are always a little askew.
    The dress has answered every wardrobe problem I have, I actually look good in it!
    The quality of construction is excellent and the material is just the right weight.
    I am getting one of each!!! There’s a great selection.

  2. I absolutely love the pink & Aqua paisley dresses. Also bought the purple chevron style.. Getting the new lime green and blue dress too. Would love a red white and blue patriotic dress for holiday golf tournaments such as Memorial Day,July 4th,Labor Day etc….
    Also would love to see the little black dress too. These dresses wash beautifully!!!! Great for everyday and travel and of course GOLF!!!

    1. Thanks, Betty! We are working on the Red/White/and Blue idea. We actually thought that Fireworks was blue but as it turned out it was black and grey. Thank you for loving our dresses!!! The Little Black will be out in a couple of weeks…stay tuned!

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