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About Us


After 30 Years in product development and manufacturing both in the USA and Globally; Cherie took her marketing and sales expertise to the women’s apparel industry. Working consecutively with two different icons in the industry gave her the experience she needed to fulfill her mother’s childhood dream for her…. to create a clothing line.


Lisa’s fashion idol was her mother who, in the 40’s studied at The Chicago Art Institute and in NYC. She also admired and learned much from her grandmother who was a turn-of- the-century tailor. Holding fast to tradition, Lisa grew up designing and sewing her own clothing patterns as a hobby and developed a career painting murals and on canvas. The clothes she creates are comfortable, colorful, and flattering.

Our Story

Cherie and Lisa met at their northern club as they headed into the final day of the President’s Cup in first and second standing. Lisa was wearing one of her original,soon become known as, The Golf Dress That Goes Everywhere! Cherie fell in love with the dress and soon convinced Lisa to team up and take her products to market. With Cherie’s strong marketing background, wholesale and retail experience and Lisa’s hands-on creative nature they have the perfect partnership!

  1.)  Picking up our first production run.  2.)  Inspiration at the beach.  3.) Lisa wins first place in sewing contest at age 12.  4.) Cherie and Lisa playing a round. 5.) Cherie’s daughter (our beautiful model) and friends.